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Coffee set Cobalt net 6/20

$1,600.00 AUD

Brand Imperial Porcelain St. Petersburg 1744

The coffee set Cobalt Net was made at the Imperial Porcelain Factory in St.Petersburg of hard porcelain employing hand-painted technique only; 

The set is available as standard (6 persons, 20 components) and mini (6 persons, 14 components), without dessert plates.  

Richly incorporates gold;

The author of the drawing - Yackewicz A.A.

The shape "Tulip " was created in 1936 by Yakovleva Serafima  E. (1910 - 1993 ).

Anna A. Yackewicz. (1904-1952), was a famous Artist and professional painter on porcelain. She was the creator of the stunning  " Cobalt net " design. She became famous only after her death. Unfortunately, she did not have a chance to celebrate her triumph in the Brussels porcelain exhibition. 

                 Components  6/20


Size  / Volume 


Coffee pot

1200 ml


450 ml


140 ml


130 mm

Dessert plate

160 mm



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