Dinner set Europian Classic of St. Petersburg 6/24

$1,300.00 AUD

Brand Imperial Porcelain St. Petersburg 1744

The dinner set  Classic of St.Petersburg  was made at the Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg of hard porcelain employing hand-painted technique. 

The drawings author- Shulyak G.D.

The set includes 24 components for 6 persons.

Components 6/24


        Size  / Volume


Round Dish

320 mm

Oval Dish

360 mm

Oval Dish

240 mm

Salad Bowl

180 ml

Salad Bowl

1000 ml

Soup Plate                                  225 mm                    6
Plate                                  220 mm                    6
Plate                                  265 mm                    6






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